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Stage one of personalisation in financial services – the attestation!


In 2019 alone, the FCA fined financial institutions almost £400m for improper handling of information, or miss-leading/incorrect information about products and services. It’s a big deal! And the right thing to do in a world of so much investment choice. This is where the attestation or gateway comes in.


A website is the shop window for all sectors but in the financial one, it’s vital to show the right information and data to the right person, in the right place. Otherwise the FCA may come knocking. 


The attestation allows the right content to be shown to the right users – whether that be a complex article, or fund performance figures. 

It also works as an easy way of gaining analytics about people that are viewing your site – personalisation, stage one. When they select, you’re able to capture information such as investor or client type and see where they are based. This can then help with marketing and adding new and relevant content to your site depending on the kind of audience that are landing on your page.


Obviously each company is able to decide what content and questions they wish to include in their attestation. But typically they are broken down into these main categories: country, language and the three main investor types (institutional, private and retail). These simple questions allow the user to move quickly through the attestation while, most importantly, keeping the user journey flowing.


So, we thought, what better way to show you some different styles of attestation than to take you through some we have created. At the risk of sounding like a Blue Peter presenter, here are some we found earlier!

Wellington Management

Here Wellington uses geo-targeting which identifies where you are in the world, cutting down how many clicks the user needs to make. For example below when I landed on the attestation the site already knew that I was based in Europe and more specifically in the United Kingdom so it filled in both fields for me, leaving me with only one field to enter. This makes the process quicker for the client and again leaves them with less fields to fill in, making their journey more streamlined.


Also this attestation doesn’t pop up as soon as the visitor lands on the home page. Instead it only pops up when you try and explore the other pages. This allows the client a moment to look at the home page and to gain a bit of information on the company before narrowing down the search on a later page to refine the search a little for them.

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BNY Mellon Investment Management

For this attestation, BNY decided to set it out in a sentence style, allowing the client to fill in the gaps. This makes the design very clear and streamlined for people landing on the page for the first time. This also makes the decision look quick and easy for users to make and fill out, meaning they will be more likely to travel through.


It’s different to others that we have designed before but it works nicely and is in keeping with the clean and simple brand guidelines.

Generali Investments

This attestation has language and various rules in the background to direct users and keep the journey moving, guiding the user to pick which country they are from and what investor type they are. They also offer extra information under the various subheadings. These include: legal information, terms and conditions and privacy and cookies policy.


To conclude, there are two very clear reasons to use an attestation – content personalisation, and managing specific data displays to individuals. There are many different considerations and we’re always experimenting with CRMs and ways to make the journey even more seamless for users of such sites. If you’d like to discuss your needs around a website and/or attestation then feel free to get in touch! And if you want to learn more about other ways of personalising your website them why not check out our 6 pillars of personalisation blog, full of advice to ensure a seamless personal experience for your users!

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