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Outsource versus Insource – There is a place for both in Marketing


From a marketing standpoint, no matter if a company is growing, or cutting cost, there is nothing more important than providing quality and consistent output to customers. And outsourcing could be the perfect way of achieving this. 

How to guarantee the best of service and to also streamline operations, the debate surrounding insourcing versus outsourcing is a valid one and many factors have to be taken into consideration. There are however a few, general aspects which can be used as a rule of thumb:

Why outsource?

The reasons to look at placing work outside of the company can be many. The drive to reduce costs, or even to expand are often key, but access to a more knowledgeable, specialized workforce and the opportunity to upgrade workflows should be other important factors. This way of marketing really allows you to utilise the talent and power that comes with outsourcing, something that we explore further here

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What should stay inhouse?

Strategy, product development, essential creativity from a marketing perspective, client relationships – basically all functions, tasks, or operations that provide fundamental competitive advantage need to stay inhouse. Clearly leadership is another differentiator which cannot be outsourced as well as the wellbeing of your staff.


All supporting services, directly relating to your core or backing certain capabilities can and should be considered and assessed for their outsourcing potential.

Time spent on non-essentials means giving up growth

Every minute a business spends on something that it could outsource it is losing time and capacity on the core business goals that employees should have their focus on. In this regard, many times more mundane work such as e.g. updating presentations is neglected since it consumes a lot of time and teams would rather focus on the activities that are more engaging or intellectually stimulating.

Expertise, Flexibility and Cost = Competitive Advantage

For marketing teams this means that many jobs can be outsourced to help empower them with the ability to redirect scarce resources from business-as-usual activities towards higher value-added, strategic initiatives and long-term business development.


The key 3 reason:


  1. Expertise – A nearshore talent pool with diverse skill sets, breadth of experience and up-to-date know-how which can work on repetitive executional tasks with focus, efficiency and speed.
  2. Flexibility – Quick access to resources and a wide range of services. Flexibility to up- or down scale. It also guarantees continuity, since outsource partners make sure that the work will get done regardless of vacation time or nonattendance.
  3. Cost – A skilled workforce in nearshore locations can operate more cost efficient as labor and workplace costs might be lower. You can use the scale and know-how of a larger team.

Outsourcing is a Strategy

No matter if your team grows or you are under pressure to cut cost, it is worth to integrate outsourcing into your strategy to continuously improve results for your customers. With expert help you are also increasing your quality standards if you put the right work in the right place with the right skill and cost. Your workforce will be freed up and motivated to focus on the initiatives which drive business results.


Focus on what makes you better than the competition and what will help your people to concentrate on the biggest business impacts. Outsourcing your supporting work can give you the opportunity to innovate, grow and strengthen your competitive advantage.

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