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How To Make Your Content Personal


One of the words that keeps creeping up in all the blogs we’re reading and events that we’ve been attending is personalisation, and the impact that personalising your content can have. And with 72% of people saying they will only engage with marketing content that is personalised, whether that’s emails or ads, it’s clearer than ever just how important personalisation is in marketing!

At a Vested coffee morning back in February it was a word that kept coming up. The well represented audience and speakers debated about how it was the best way to manage content strategies, and that personalisation would only become even more important as time passed. They suggested that we should be personalising around what a client wants and their needs rather than who they are. If you haven’t already, head over to our previous blog on the Vested coffee morning which used an example which is used in TGIFridays to help the customer feel like they are on the same level as the people working there.


So to help you personalise your content the right way we’ve created a checklist to help you – hopefully they will be a useful starting point.

Audience personas

Obviously the best way to start tailoring your content is to get to know the people that you’re aiming to tailor it to – you wouldn’t make a suit without measuring the person first! Gather information about your audience and the kind of content that would be relevant for them. You could do this through surveys or polls on social or through emails. Ask them how they would like to receive information or what kind of content they would like to see more of. This allows them to feel part of the creation process and more likely to return to see the content when it’s posted. This also allows you to plainly see your audience’s needs and cater to them.

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Create the right content

For example, there would be no point in writing a blog about sustainable fashion if your audience is all made up of asset managers where responsible investment is more aligned. They might find it interesting but it’s probably not quite right for them. You need to make sure that all your content is totally relevant for your desired audience. You want to create content that sparks an interest and make them want to click through and read your blog. What’s going on in the news, and what could influence how your sector reacts to economic and social change? Adding colour and insight to what is happening around is is vital to spark thought and ideas.

Social media insights

This is a really important one, and isn’t too difficult! Each social media platform has a little insights section that allows you to learn a little more about your audience (for some you have to be set up as a business account to access this information, so check that before trying to find it). This allows you an insight into your clients – perfect name for the tool right? It shows everything from age range and gender to the times they interact with your page and which posts have the most interactions. From this you are able to work out when would be the best time to share your content and the kind of content you should be sharing. Which will hopefully help you to post the right kind of content and gain more buzz around your posts.

Keep updating the information

Carrying on from the last point, once you have this information don’t just sit back and relax! This kind of data is constantly changing and updating almost daily, so you should be constantly rethinking your posting schedule. So every few months why not mix it up. Try posting at slightly different times and seeing how it affects the number of interactions you’re getting. If it works – fab! If not – keep switching it up till it does!

Adjust your style over time

Similar to the point above, mix it up with your content. Try writing on different topics within your industry and see if this gets people excited! Try different lengths or layouts to see which get the most interactions. You could even try attaching a downloadable PDF to one of your marketing emails to see how many people download it opposed to the number viewing content directly on your blog. Keep trying new things to see which works best for you and your business!


For example, a Monday afternoon post may well be analytical and in-depth, whereas a Friday afternoon post could well be much shorter and be ‘top-tips’ or ‘Five things we learnt this week about [insert subject area as necessary]’.

Tailor the messaging

All social media channels are slightly different and the kind of audience that you have in each is varied as well. So this means that there can’t be a ‘one size fits all’ approach for sharing content and the messaging that goes alongside it. Why not try posting about different content on different channels to see how it affects interactions? Or even use the same content but mix up the messaging that goes with it to see if it increases interactions.

Getting the right balance

There is such a thing as posting too much! You don’t bombard people with large arounds of content otherwise they will become bored and less likely to interact with your content. This is something else to bear in mind when you’re creating your posting timetable.

And those are our 7 steps to help you personalise your content, which will hopefully help create more buzz around the content that you work so hard to create! Thanks for reading and if you have any examples of either good, or bad, personalisation then please drop us a message, we would love to see them!


Above all, entertain and create interest! If you do that then the likelihood of success is much greater. 

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