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Free-Up Your People To Focus On The Things That Matter – Part One


The workload and challenges levelled at marketing teams across the asset management industry has never been higher, making it harder for people to focus on the important stuff.


Lean is the new mantra and in all but the best resourced teams, we see employees stretched thinly, trying to fulfil both the execution and maintenance of existing marketing collateral and the development of strategic initiatives that will help ensure the profitable growth of the business.

So now more than ever, we would argue it is critical to answer one key question: do I have my team focused on the right work and are they using their time to best effect?
From personal experience, we know that it is quite easy to ignore this seemingly simple question, as a negative response can open a tin of worms. However, we would argue that it is likely to be critical to the future success of your team. To really come to a balanced point of view, you need to reflect objectively on the following 5 questions:

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1. What are the right skills and experience needed to undertake a specific task? Who are the right people to focus on a certain task?
2. Do I have enough of that skill and experience to meet the demands of the business?
3. If not, am I allocating over- or under-skilled team members to cover the need?
4. If they didn’t have to do that work, would I prefer them to work on other tasks?
5. Where are the bottlenecks in my value chain and how can I refocus people’s work to unblock them?

In many cases, the challenge will be to find ways to alleviate focus being spent on the amount of low-skilled routine work that, while important, is not going to bring high value to driving customer satisfaction or the growth of your firm.


Near-source marketing services is an increasingly viable solution for many marketing teams facing these issues and provides a means to tap into a talent pool that, until now, has been difficult for marketing leaders of small- and mid-sized firms to access. Really helping teams to focus on what matters.


The comparatively low cost of these services opens the opportunity to exploit near-sourcing as a strategic option, allowing managers to consider outsourcing often-repetitive, executional work that until now, has been executed inhouse or with relatively high-cost outsource partners in the home-market. Tasks such as updating sales presentations, preparing monthly and quarterly strategy commentaries, updating web pages and marketing automation campaigns, social media execution and monitoring, etc. can be deployed to a near-source partner in a low-cost location that offers the skills, professionalism and quality equal to those available on the ‘home’ market and on a highly economic cost basis.


So here’s the crux: deploying executional tasks to be managed by the right-skilled team members in a right-cost location allows you to free up the time of highly skilled and experienced, HQ-based, resources, to focus more time and effort on strategic initiatives and activities that will help drive the growth and prosperity of your firm. The cherry on top of the cake is that this could also help increase the motivation of your team.


Having looked in many ‘kitchens’ what is clear is that many if not all marketing teams are challenged in finding the right balance between daily execution vs. driving longer term initiative. The first step in resolving this is to recognize the value of focusing scarce talent and skills on the right type of work and that there are scaleable solutions to help you in achieving this. The next step is to assess how those solutions can work to meet your team’s specific issues. We will address how you can define what makes sense for your business in part 2 of this article shortly.


In the mean time, if you’re looking for ways to free up people and ensure they are focusing on the right aspects of your project, then why not check out one of our other blogs. It’s full of handy tips to ensure you’re getting the most from your marketing team. 

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