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A Digital Brand Audit should be a Focus for all Financial Sector Businesses as Demand Shifts


If you’re thinking of evolving and enhancing your digital presence, be that your website, product or platform a digital brand audit is a necessity, not a luxury. Starting with a basic, yet critical questions: ‘What kind of shape is my brand in’?

Some things to consider:


  • Has your brand been used in a digital environment already? If so, are you confident that your users fully engage with your output in this space?


  • A logo is not a brand – Do you have a suite of assets like images, icons and colours which will allow your new product to function fully in digital environments?


  • Does the current brand represent where the organisations values and future ambitions lay?


  • Is there inconsistency or misunderstanding about how the current brand is used, in its marketing or other communications?


If you have doubts about any of those above considerations, we would suggest investing in your brand would be time well spent.

So how do we at Nurture suggest approaching this challenge for brands?

All companies are unique, and some are more brand mature than others. Therefore we are agile and agnostic in what are the right mix of tools for aligning a brand ready for digital.


The foundation of any brand work is understanding, and we find the most efficient and flexible way to approach this is by performing a Digital Brand Audit.

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What is a Digital Brand Audit?

A digital brand audit is a critical analysis of how your brand image is currently performing against its goals and ambitions.


It also looks at competitor analysis to see how you compare in the marketplace – whether that be same sector, or not. By doing so, it creates and establishes a set if tasks to be done which then drives any updates necessary.


This a typical process:


Analysis and research – Using research techniques, and looking at quantitative and qualitative data. So that we really understand what users think, and why?


Competitor analysis – Isolating best in class examples and understanding what lessons can we learn?


Conceptual alignment – Offering creative developments for look and feel. Filling gaps that exist in your brands suite of assets. Seamlessly translating these into tangible project creative.


Finding your voice – Establishing your brand values and how that is communicated wider that just visuals. Taking into consideration your tone of voice and extending that to your website content.


We ensure these types of works are not time consuming or disruptive to a project plan. Digital brand audits can be performed at the beginning of a project, in tandem with user experience and prototyping phases, or as a stand alone consultancy initiative.

Investment in the future

The good news about performing a digital brand audit is that it will benefit your business wider than just your digital products. The insights gained and visual enhancements made will directly impact your other forms of communications.


It will also permeate right into the core of your brand’s culture, enabling you to better understand and align your future strategy.


We would love to show you how we’ve worked with some of the best companies in the finance sector to optimise their brand for digital.

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