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Top Tips to Taking Full Advantage of Agile Methodology


Did you know? An Agile organisation grows revenue 37% faster and earns 30% higher profits than non-Agile companies, according to a report from Raconteur

We aren’t saying that this means it’s the best method to use for all of your projects but there is a time and a place, so agile methodology should be considered. 


Here at Nurture, we are an agile team, as much as we can be. Those brands that have worked with us over the years know that we are sensible with it and use the majority of good-practice components of Agile. 


We have certified Agile scrum masters at Nurture who also take this pragmatic approach so we went and had a chat with Kasia to share some of our thoughts. 


“Working on a product or project definitely requires a lot of courage because there are usually areas that we aren’t familiar with or things that we haven’t worked on before when starting out. Often the plans created at the start of the project change and get updated as you progress, so often you don’t really know what the end result will look like – which is both exciting and a little daunting!”

1. Tailor your process to the clients needs

It’s very important to make proactive choices and decisions on how the project will be delivered. You need to think about the project’s scale, complexity, team capacity and risks. These are the key areas that need to be planned and reviewed before you start work.

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2. Create a clear agile workflow

Once you’ve tailored your process to the clients needs you should begin to create clear rules for working on the project and deadlines, before the development team starts working. Be sure to create a clear workflow plan for your team which will cover things such as; general rules of status updates, weekly meeting time, what you hope to achieve and try to present your client with further action steps of the project.

3. Communication – defined roles and responsibilities

Each team member should know the scope of their duties and also be aware of what other members do. Daily calls will help you and your team to achieve a good level of communication. This could be as quick as a 15 minute call where each member talks about things that have been working on, plans for the day and potential blockers. This helps the project manager to react quickly and remove any obstacles that may block the team.

4. Feedback

Transparency is the key to successful project delivery. The team should know as soon as possible whether your work is progressing in the right direction, and if it’s not you can make changes quickly and move forwards with the project. Reviewing from early in the project and regularly means you can edit and correct while you have time for it. Presenting the work to stakeholders and highlighting what you’re working on also creates a lot of opportunities to receive feedback.

5. Learn from experience

No two projects are the same. Which, although it makes it more interesting, can be challenging as your team may not have experience of a project they are currently working on. For that reason, previous or similar projects should be reviewed to see if you can apply what you learnt to the new project. These notes should also be included in relevant reports and reviews so everyone is aware of them. The goal is to seek opportunities to implement improvements during the life of the project.


Thank you so much to Kasia for those wonderful tips!


It was so great getting Kasia’s insight and tips. So next time you’re running an Agile project be sure to bear these points in mind. Let us know if you have any more tips to ensure that your agile project runs smoothly – we would love to hear them!

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